Academic Writers: Break through a Bad Writing Session with these 3 Strategies

Like all of us, you should probably be writing. But what to do when you’re plagued by frustratingly non-productive writing sessions? I’ve got the answers to make your writing sessions as productive as possible.

30 Minutes to Better Writing NOW

In the last few weeks, I’ve talked about how awesome face-to-face meetings with your writing / critique partner can be. Not only are these sessions more immediate and collaborative, they also save you time! This week I want to check in with you guys. Has anyone actually done it? Have you talked with your writingContinue reading “30 Minutes to Better Writing NOW”

30 minutes to better writing: How to Talk to Your Writing Partner (Yes, actually talk!)

While you need to write as often as possible to improve your skills, what I’m suggesting is spending thirty minutes a week or a month talking to someone about your writing. Here’s how a half hour conversation with a carefully chosen critique partner or trusted confidant can make you a better writer.