30 Minutes to Better Writing NOW

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In the last few weeks, I’ve talked about how awesome face-to-face meetings with your writing / critique partner can be. Not only are these sessions more immediate and collaborative, they also save you time!

This week I want to check in with you guys. Has anyone actually done it? Have you talked with your writing partner about your writing project, brainstormed in person on improvements, asked questions and received answers in real time?

I hope so!

And I hope you learned a lot about your writing strengths, weaknesses, and next steps.

If not, why not schedule a free thirty minute writing session with me this week?

I’m not charging because I want to give writers the opportunity to experience the benefits of this strategy for themselves so they can integrate them into their own writing processes.

I’m also not going to try to sell you anything. In fact, I’ll be in total Writing Center Tutor mode all week long, and when you’re in that mode, there’s nothing to sell but good writing.

writing guides, writing partners, writing critiques, beta readers
Want to know how to prepare for a 30 minute writing session with me? Download my free guide to creating a writer’s memo. This document will get you thinking about how you want to make your writing better now!

Published by jonesfrancis10

Whitney E. Jones received her doctorate in English from the University of Tennessee and believes in the power of language to shape the world. An expert in creative writing and the novel form, as well as in professional business writing, Whitney offers coaching and consulting services on a variety of creative and professional writing projects. With over 10 years of experience as a university writing center tutor and over 8 years of experience as a college writing and literature instructor, Whitney's coaching and consulting style is both constructive and fierce, illuminating the client's writing strengths while quickly identifying and treating opportunities for improvement. Whitney employs a collaborate coaching method honed and perfected in the college classroom that engages the client's concerns and speaks to the client's desired outcomes.

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