You’ve got an awesome idea for a novel and you HAVE to tell it.

But how? You’ve never written a novel before.

Maybe you do a quick search on Google only to find millions of super helpful articles teaching you how to write. Millions.

It’s overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be easier if you took a class somewhere? There’s something to be said, after all, for having a teacher guide you through the process, giving you the knowledge you need to succeed. 

That’s why I coach new writers wanting to write and sell their first novel! With over ten years of experience teaching writing, I not only have the information you need, but know how to explain it so you get it. 

I believe that writing is a skill that can be learned by anybody, no matter their background, and as a university writing instructor, I know how to teach it. 

Booking one-hour coaching sessions will help you: 

  • Learn creative writing concepts you didn’t know about
  • Master creative writing concepts that confuse you
  • Workshop your current work for feedback you implement immediately
  • Articulate your writing goals
  • Outline a logical and do-able writing plan that will help you accomplish your goals

In your free 30 minute initial consultation, we’ll discuss your writing fears and goals and draft a plan of attack. You’ll learn skills and gain confidence through an empowering, collaborative coaching process. 


  • 1 one-hour session: $49
  • 3 one-hour sessions: $125
  • 3 one-hour sessions PLUS editing for one document (3000 words or less): $169

I’ve been creating better, more confident writers for over fifteen years. Let me help you, too. 

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