You’ve got an awesome idea for a novel and you HAVE to tell it.

But how? You’ve never written a novel before.

Maybe you do a quick search on Google only to find millions of super helpful articles teaching you how to write. Millions.

It’s overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be easier if you took a class somewhere? There’s something to be said, after all, for having a teacher guide you through the process, giving you the knowledge you need to succeed. 

That’s why I coach new writers complete their first novels! With over ten years of experience teaching writing, I not only have the information you need, but know how to explain it so you get it. 

I believe that writing is a skill that can be learned by anybody, no matter their background, and as a university writing instructor, I know how to teach it. 

Writing Coaching sessions will help you: 

  • Learn creative writing concepts you didn’t know about
  • Master creative writing concepts that confuse you
  • Workshop your current work for feedback you can implement immediately
  • Articulate your writing goals
  • Outline a logical and do-able writing plan that will help you accomplish your goals

Writing Coaching: What you get

  • In your free 30 minute initial consultation, we’ll discuss your writing fears and goals and draft a plan of attack.
  • In each one-hour session, you’ll learn new writing strategies, continue to identify weaknesses, and tackle any new confusions. What is “show, don’t tell” again?
  • For each session, send me up to 1000 words (for thirty-minute sessions) or 2000 words (for hour-long sessions) of your work in progress a week before we meet. During our session, we’ll discuss necessary developmental edits to that chapter or passage, putting abstract lessons into concrete practice. We won’t just talk, we’ll do.


  • 1 thirty-minute session: $25
  • 1 one-hour session: $49
  • 3 thirty-minute sessions: $70
  • 3 one-hour sessions: $125
  • 3 one-hour sessions PLUS a second pass of all pages from work in progress discussed during our sessions: $175

I am currently not booking new clients. But you can visit my booking page to find out about when my calendar is opening up!

I’ve been creating better, more confident writers for over fifteen years. Let me help you, too. 

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