You’ve got an awesome idea for a novel and you HAVE to tell it.

But how? You’ve never written a book before.

I believe that writing is a skill that can be learned by anybody, and as a university writing instructor, I know how to teach it. 

Author Coaching: what you get:

  • In your free 30 minute initial consultation, we’ll discuss your writing fears and goals and draft a plan of attack.
  • In each weekly, half-hour session, you’ll learn new writing strategies, continue to identify weaknesses, tackle any confusions, evaluate the book’s progress, and set goals for the next week.
  • Each week, send me up to 5000 words of your work in progress for developmental and line editing feedback.
  • A completed first draft of your book!


The Write Your Book Coaching Packing includes:

  • 1 thirty-minute introductory session ($25 value)
  • three month’s worth of weekly half-hour check-in and planning calls (12 calls total = $300 value)
  • Developmental editing of 5000 words a week, total of 60,000 words by end of third month ($540 value)
  • The completed first draft of your book (priceless!)

Total Price: $650

I offer book coaching (an $865 service) at such a discount because I believe in the coaching process, I know how valuable it is to talk through your book as you write it and to invest in the developmental editing needed to hook readers and sell books. I also know new authors do not yet have the means to afford a huge financial investment, no matter how important, to their author business. But new authors are my favorite! Your passion, your energy, your determination. That’s who I want to work with. Your books are the ones I want to help write.

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