Trinity Wood

“Whitney is so much more than an editor. She lifts your author voice and helps you hone it without completely changing what makes you you.  Her attention to detail, story structure, and character motivations is astounding. She’s patient with a newbie author like myself, and her tone is always encouraging, making me want to better my craft all the time. I cannot recommend Whitney highly enough for whatever stage of the writing journey you’re at.”

–Trinity Wood, New Zealand Sailing Series

Kate Condie

“Receiving a line edit from Whitney is more like discussing my book with a close friend. She gets on board with my characters and makes suggestions to ensure the story line is air tight.  Her comments make me laugh as they point out where the manuscript needs work. She does it all while cheering me on. She’s an expert at the compliment sandwich, and her remarks are never negative. She is generous in her willingness to discuss any plot issues or go over large changes post-edit. If you choose Whitney, you will be choosing an editor who is both thorough and positive.”

–Kate Condie, Aster Ridge Ranch series

Published by jonesfrancis10

Whitney E. Jones received her doctorate in English from the University of Tennessee and believes in the power of language to shape the world. An expert in creative writing and the novel form, as well as in professional business writing, Whitney offers coaching and consulting services on a variety of creative and professional writing projects. With over 10 years of experience as a university writing center tutor and over 8 years of experience as a college writing and literature instructor, Whitney's coaching and consulting style is both constructive and fierce, illuminating the client's writing strengths while quickly identifying and treating opportunities for improvement. Whitney employs a collaborate coaching method honed and perfected in the college classroom that engages the client's concerns and speaks to the client's desired outcomes.