Line Editing

Write sentences that pack a punch.

A line editor works on a draft that has already been through developmental editing and beta readers. They make sure the tone and style of your writing is correct for the audience and genre. They pay attention to clarity, point of view, tense shifts, and emotional power on a sentence level. I see line editing as a sentence-level extension of developmental editing. My goal? To help you communicate plot, theme, and character development through each single word, phrase, description, and dialogue.

If you’re confused about how line editing differs from copy editing and proofreading, take a look at this excellent article!


One Pass

I’ll take a single pass through the whole document.

.005 cents per word.

Two Passes

One pass of the whole document PLUS a second “spot” pass, focusing on places you’ve fixed according to my feedback that you want me to look at again.

.007 cents per word


Empowered Writing definitely helped me make my book stronger with easy to understand and supportive guidance. It was an extremely helpful experience!

Leo Hazelwood

Dr. Jones’s skills as a writing tutor are superb.  She is knowledgeable, patient, and attentive to the needs of her tutee.  I would recommend, and have recommended, her services to others that want to improve their writing skills.

Derrick Sheppard

Write your best book.

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