J_Tyler-219.jpgLanguage shapes the world. On some level, I’ve always known this, even as a four-year-old writing poems about the wind.

The power of words–their power over me and my desire to harness their power–pushed me all the way through a Ph.D. in literature and right into the freelance writing and editing business.

My goal? To help folks use the right words in the right order to tell their most powerful stories.

Is your web content not connecting? 

Is your novel manuscript boring your beta readers? 

Do you need to explain why your cause is THE cause people should give their $$$ to? 

Are your brilliant ideas getting lost, literally, in translation for English publications? 

I’ve helped my clients solve these problems and more. You see, I learned how to write and how to teach writing while working in university writing centers, where every day presents a new writing problem. Here’s how writing centers work:

Student comes in needing help with a resume and cover letter? I can help with that. 

Student needs help with formatting? I can help with that, too.

Student needs help with a science report? Sure!

Help with a philosophy paper? Yep!

Help with a short story? You betcha. 

I’ve been trained to solve writing problems, and now I offer my skills to EVERYONE, not just college students lucky enough to have access to writing centers.

I can’t wait to use my 10+ years of experience teaching college-level writing and literature to help you harness the power of words and connect to others!

My publications connect with a crazy range of audiences, from academic to popular, to educational:

I also co-founded the writing blog From Nothing to Novel, which creates a community of online writers and helps them to tell their stories.

You can see more about me on Linked In.

Or, follow my book review blog– Whitney Jones Reads.