Brainstorming a story is easy and fun, but often authors don’t know what to do once they have a draft of their story completed. Maybe you’ve sent your work to readers and they aren’t connecting to characters, or they find plot holes, or the pacing seems off. These are major issues that will make your reader abandon your story, and you don’t want that!

To avoid these problems (and more!) it’s wise to seek out the services of a developmental editor.

I provide developmental editing feedback with any in-process draft at any stage, whether you have a single page or a half completed project.

My comments focus on a variety of issues from theme and plot to dialogue and characterization, and I always interview my clients first to understand what they think their biggest writing weakness are, then use those concerns to guide my reading of their work.

This way, you get personalized feedback that not only helps fix your draft, but also makes you a better, more confident writer!


  • Pricing depends on the length of your manuscript: 0.022 cents per word
  • The price includes an editing plan outlining: 1) the most pressing issues for revision, 2) next steps for completion, and 3) any additional observations about your draft
  • This price includes, upon request, a 30-minute, in-person planning session where we discuss how to implement any suggested revisions.

Not sure whether you want to commit? Take my Writing Weaknesses Quiz and receive a free evaluation of your work!