About my Creative Writing Philosophy

My expertise in the novel form and my familiarity with novel theory makes me the perfect reader, editor, and collaborative coach for any novel project. Because of my expert knowledge in the long literary tradition of the novel, I can help you find your unique place within it and make an original contribution to it.

As an editor of creative fiction, I:

  • Focus on content development over proofreading, emphasizing quality of ideas and the expression of those ideas
  • Quickly identify and prioritize opportunities for revision no matter the stage of the draft
  • Offer critical advice in a nurturing way that reveals difficult but necessary revisions as opportunities, not failures
  • Focus on writers’ purposes, goals, and worries as the starting point of my own editorial and content-development work

I am excited to work with writers at all stages of their writing process from idea development to substantive revision and polishing of publishable drafts. Additionally, I work with any creative writer on any writing project no matter the genre or length. I am particularly well-equipped to work with authors of literary novels, romance novels, and children’s and young adult literature.


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